Taste Health Multivitamin and Protein Bars

We are happy to announce that a new range of products, Taste Health Multivitamin and Protein Bars will soon be available at all Kuburek Bakeries. 

Taste Health multivitamin bars contain all the vitamins and nutrients you need, wrapped in one bar of tasty oat goodness! Taste Health protein bars are made from organic chickpea protein, they are a vegan friendly solution to your protein needs!


All nutrition bars are vegangluten free, GMO free, with no added sugar. They only contain simple, natural, clean label ingredients, so you know exactly what you are consuming!  

Taste Health multivitamin and protein bars are available in five delicious flavors;

Red berries, Dark chocolate chip - sea salt, Natural peanut butter - dark chocolate, Apple-cinnamon, and Apricot

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